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Øyvind Blikstad Music Lab

some works

Official Remix for Bryan Ferry

National "Mind your drinking" Christmas campagn

Skeleton - in collaboration with Synne Sanden

Educational content for primary school

some of the things i've made or been part of

Is Heave Blue? (2023 Composer/Sounddesign)
Show Me Your Face When You Look At A Stranger (2023 Composer/Sounddesign)

Swallowed EP (2021 Composer/producer)
Livet&Sånn (20-22 - Educational content for kids)

Flukten over grensen (2020 co composer, movie)
Magiske Glomma (NRK series)
Svarteperspelet (NRK documentary)
Gullrutens Fagpris (TV2 show)
Monster (NRK series co composer)
Boy gets eaten (short film)
There will be water (documentary -co composer)
Opp ned (documentary)
Fanget i friheten (documentary)
Lovløs kunst (documentary)
Snekker Andersen (musician)
Decasia (album)
Krasava (album)
Breathing Cycles (Concept) NRK article
Bryan Ferry - Reason or Rhyme (official remix)
Bryan Ferry - Send in the clowns (remix)
Eurovision 2011 and 2015 (singles)

and a bunch of

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