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Breathe Out - release Dec 15th

I'm thrilled to share my latest track, «Breathe Out», a musical journey crafted over years of exploring the therapeutic power of breath and music. With a total of one million streams of breathing music this composition will hopefully resonate with a younger generation and others seeking peace of mind and balance within.

The Vision:

«Breathe Out» is more than music; it's a tool to elevate mental well-being through intentional breathing. Having resonated primarily with an audience aged 45 and above, my biggest goal now is to introduce this experience to a younger generation.

The Outcome:

I envision "Breathing Cycles" becoming a beacon for mindfulness, stress relief, and mental resilience among Spotify's younger audience. By featuring this track on your own playlists, and sharing it with someone you think need it, we have the opportunity to shape the soundtrack of well-being for a demographic that may not yet be attuned to the profound impact of intentional breathwork.

Why "Breathing Cycles" Matters:

In a world pulsating with constant stimuli, the power of intentional breathing often goes unnoticed. "Breathing Cycles" serves as a gentle reminder of the serenity that lies within our breath and aims to empower a new generation to harness its transformative potential.

Together, let's inspire a younger audience to embrace the art of mindful breathing and unlock the countless mental and emotional benefits it holds. 

Breathing Cycles’ music has a unique breathing pattern and is best experienced with headphones. This release is a hybrid of breathing music and pop music. 

Warm regards,

Øyvind Blikstad

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