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In your core, there is peace

Breathing slower is the easiest way to get there 

Soothing breathing music in headphones


Use headphones

Let your breath follow the music from the left side as you inhale to the right side as you exhale

Breathing Cycles get started
Concept of Breathing Cycles

Concept of Breathing Cycles

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Vagus Breathing Focus - for headphones

Vagus Breathing Focus - for headphones

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BREASE - Ready in 3 minutes  - Breathwork - Breathing Cycles

BREASE - Ready in 3 minutes - Breathwork - Breathing Cycles

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BREASE - 478 - Breathing Cycles

BREASE - 478 - Breathing Cycles

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"Breathing Music" is a concept I made many years ago, after experiencing my first panic attack. Realizing my breathing pattern could prevent it from happening again, I made music with a fixed and slow breathing pattern. Now I had an exit and a strategy for the next time. It worked so well, that after a short time, I had it implemented in my routine and I continued my life as usual. Some years later someone close to me struggled, and I made the first album of breathing music: 5 Stille Moments. It was magic. 

After that experience I've made many hours of breathing music, but always the same concept:

  • Use headphones

  • Lay or sit down comfortably

  • Press play and follow the music with your breath. Inhale when the music comes in from the left side and exhale when it goes out to the right side. (The music guides you).

  • Close your eyes

  • Let the feelings come. Crying, yawning, smiling, laughing, etc  = tension release. 

  • Practice belly breathing. Don't force yourself. It takes time to strengthen your breathing muscles like the diaphragm.

  • When you're done, think of someone you love before opening your eyes. 

  • Stay in this moment for a little while before getting on with today. 

There are many benefits of intentional breathing that I've discovered since I made it for just that one task. 

As a father of 3 girls, I need to reset my mind, and get my focus right quite often. Without this method, I'm not sure how life would have been. 

Made with love,




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