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Øyvind Blikstad

Øyvind Blikstad


Degree in musicology 2008

Degree in filmscoring 201​7​



I inherited an old backpack. In it, I filled 33 years of sound and other scrap. During my study in film music composition in 2016-17, I finally emptied and repacked it.

Now I am proud of the remaining content and on my way to the mountains.


Nominations and awards

Is Heaven Blue#2 (Composer and Sound designer)

Winner of Annecy Film Festivals Off Limits Award

Winner of the Grand Prix Award at Animafest Cyprus

Show Me Your Face When You Look At A Stranger - (Composer and sound designer) Winner of Nordic Docs Award for short documentaries

The Crossing (co composer) 

Winner of the European Film Academy's (EFA) Young Audience Award

Skeleton Music Video

Nominated for Grimstad kortfilmfestival, Berlin Film Festival, Venice Shorts

Monster (co-composer)

Nominated for best music at Gullrutens fagpris

Krasava (writer and producer)

Nominated for best electronic album at Spellemann


The sound of the future is constantly evolving. My contribution is essentially not in the classical orchestration and use of the established, but in the quest for something new / forgotten and rewarding. I mainly work with an intention that sound is pure energy with unknown potential. Humans all the way down to an atomic level and everything else in nature is in constant motion and vibration. I believe sound is the easiest tool we have to influence these small movements. How it's done and what’s actually happening is art by accident when we feel it. What we know is sound is mass being moved.


About music and the craft, I have two jobs. 

Sound for others

is mainly focusing on film music. I love to make sound to picture, create emotions, lead/confuse viewers and to tell stories. The complexity and at the same time light and intuitive. The psychological impact of the music and the power of the sound itself. It is rewarding and challenging to tell the parts of the movie - which it is unable to tell by it self.

But the most amazing thing about making music, is that I never know what kind of projects i'm involved in next. Sometimes i make jingles for podcasts, the next day I'm pitching k-pop or a theme for a blockbuster trailer. I try to be open to all kinds of challenges and I love to learn. ​

Sound for me

is an interdisciplinary concept where I make things I consider good for us. Essentially, it has resulted in music for our mind and health. «Breathing music» is a concept I developed a long time ago. Now it is used by top athletes, yoga centers, schools, therapists and others who need a tool to master everyday life. This makes sense to me, and I feel that I am giving something back to the world.

My mission is to find the meaning of sound, and in unattainable missions; it is the process that’s interesting.

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