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Slow Breathing Meditation

With this easy to follow music, you can practice breathing like a turtle or an elephant. The animals that live the longest, are the ones breathing slowest. Only 2 times pr minute. On the other side, a dog has 40 breaths pr minute. 

An average human is breathing 20 times pr minute in our western stressful world. Imagine what will happen if we can slow this down. 

«Slow Breathing Meditations» will help you breathe 6 seconds out and 3 seconds in, 8:4, 10:5 all the way up to 20:10. Each piece of music is 10 minutes. 

We recommend starting with 6:3 and working your way down. 

Additionally we have made a track where you breathe for 2 minutes in each time cycle, from 6:3 to 20:10 This is a great track to use after working out.

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